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A stuck up bitch who thinks they are all that. They tend to be lovers of the finer things. They are smart and funny. They can be very arrogant and stubborn when it comes to being correct or getting their way. That is because they think they know everything. When it comes to romance, they are too easy to fall in love. Once they are hooked, they cant let go, and that is one of their problems. They love their mothers, but argue with them all the time. When you meet and Delya, you'll definetly know its her. She will be shy at first, but get to know her and she is an okay gal.
"Hey! Look at that girl yelling at her mom!"

"Oh dude that's Delya, shes such a bitch!"

"That answer is wrong! Stop denying it!"

"I know! Stop being a total Delya!"
by johngrld6 December 16, 2013

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