Also known as the "Hot Damn Delta Gams." A group of gorgeous class ladies who are not afraid to have a few drinks here and there...or everywhere. Generally the biggest drinking sorority but also the classiest sorority. If you're looking for a QUALITY LADY you want to date a DG. Definately not your one night stand type...if you get the honor of meeting a DG chances are you will fall completely in love with her and want to marry her...and chances are she probably won't love you because she's probably too cool/classy for you. These women are THE future trophy wives of america so you best have some dough in the bank if you want to bank a DG.
"If you're dating a Delta Gamma raise your hand...if not raise your standards."
by HOTdgs June 14, 2006
Top Definition
A group of the most alcoholic sorority chicks you will ever find....basically female frat boys that are hot and get a lot of ass. You can often find them blacked out, doing a keg stand, or stumbling down the street with a beer bong in hand. If you piss them off...they will take their rusty anchors, and shove them up your ass!
"Damn those dg's are some skeezy tricks"
Frat boys #1 says: "I wish i could drink like a dg"
Frat boys #2 says: "Those dg's make me feel like a piece of meat"
by DG Drinker January 17, 2005
Delta Gamma offers to women of all ages a rich heritage based on principles of personal integrity, personal responsibility and intellectual honesty. Its primary purpose is to foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility, and develop the finest qualities of character.
In 129 years, Delta Gamma has initiated more than 190,000 women as members.
by PanhellenicPrincess April 04, 2004
The most classy and fabulous group of sorority girls you will ever meet. Not only are they beautiful, smart, and funny, but they have charisma and grace. Where other sororities falter, you can always count on DG to set the bar higher!!!

When my son first left for college,
his dad gave him advice for life:
you can date each and every Kappa
But bring home a DG for a wife.

You can party with the Tri-Delts,
and it's fine to date a Zeta,
but when it's time to marry,
be sure she’s DG, not a Theta

Chi O's can be on your agenda,
and Pi Phi's are fun for a date,
but never, ever forget
that you'll want a DG as your mate.

We want you to enjoy your college years
and give all the sororities a spin.
But never buy a ring
unless DG is on her pin.

During your four years of college,
you'll go from one house to another,
but take the advice of your smiling ol'dad
and bring home a DG to your mother.
"If you're dating a Delta Gamma raise your hand...if not raise your standards."
"Hot Damn, Delta Gam!"
by DeeGee April 30, 2007
A sorority who's members are the epitome of the perfect girls. They are down to earth, sweet, pretty, friendy, fun, stylish, classy, love to have fun, outgoing, and involved. They love to party and have a good time, but they also are very involved in the Greek community and events. Every sorority should try to be more like Delta Gamma.
Frat guy: I wish my frat could mix with those Delta Gamma girls. They seem like so much fun to be with and they are so pretty.
Soro girl: yeah, they are all super cute and energetic.
by lax guy May 19, 2006
the hottest classiest girls on every college campus you can think of (maryland, salisbury, pennstate, ucsb,vt,wvu...) we're the biggest national sorority; even have a movie based off of our hottness. if you haven't met us you dont know whats up
Don't you wanna be a dg too?
by hannahdoll April 23, 2005
The sorority with the hottest girls on campus. Every rushee strives to be a DG. They set the standards of what a girl should be. The most down to earth, classy, fun, sexy girls around. Every guy wants to date and ever girl wishes they were. They like to drink and have fun yet still maintain one of the highest gpa average. Other sororities try to lead by Delta Gamma's examples and yet they fail. They're one of the biggest sorority in the nation. If you watch the special on the E! channel about Reese Witherspoon and they talk about Legally Blonde, the director said he based Delta Nu off of Delta Gamma. Suck that other sororities. None of you have a movie based off of you.
"Wham Bam, Hot Damn. We're the girls of Delta Gam!"

Q: "What the best sorority out there?"
A: "Delta Gamma of course."
by sfieororor May 23, 2008
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