verb- to throw away something unnecessarily
1. MOM!! Why did you delete the leftovers?!? I was gonna eat them!
2. Awww man! I wish i hadn't deleted that perfectly good couch.
by Bambie3223 October 28, 2010
Top Definition
1. To remove a file or folder from a computer.
2. To delete data from a file (often text or numerical data).
3. To assassinate.
1. "You don't need those text files, just delete them."
2. "Delete the last two lines of that paragraph - they aren't really necessary."
3. "That guy has pissed me off for the last time. I'm going to hire someone to delete that motherfucker."
by Steve H. June 02, 2005
1) to remove something permanently, like a paragraph of text, a file on the computer, but does not really apply to another living thing or human
2) to remove the leet out of something: likely text
1) RIGHT: delete that sentence, it is not needed
WRONG: now that you have a gun, go delete that guy
2) Lyk OMG! LOL
deleted form: Like Oh My God! Laughing Out Loud
by this website is ruined October 04, 2005
To be killed, most notably by gunshot.
Man if you keep talkin' Imma have to delete you!
by aceOFspade May 19, 2011
(slang) To remove someone from your friends on any social networking website (e.g. Facebook, MySpace).
I deleted that bitch on Facebook after she told me I was a messed up faggot.
by nick weiner August 30, 2008
1. To erase something from a computer or laptop.

2. To kill/assassinate.
1."Will you delete this software for me please?"

2. "I hate her so much, I wish I could just delete her!"
by DaniDelicious July 23, 2008
When something written by an online author is removed from a forum or website
I should know a lot about that
by lunar shadows December 22, 2004
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