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The state of no longer being elated.

Any action that causes someone to no longer be elated.
At first I was elated to finally bring this project to conclusion but then the contractor delated me by informing me of further delays.
by delatedtechnician December 09, 2010
Delighted to be late to a party, event, work or undesirable appointment.
Patrick was delated to get a flat tire and not have a spare while on the way to his mother-in-law's birthday party.
by Kukabear June 22, 2012
When you are late for something and then you get delayed by something else.
"Hi guys, sorry I was delated, I hit road works, then the car broke down"
by Barremel September 25, 2012
it means to be really really late
damn, im delated for this party
by tommy March 26, 2005

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