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slang for the action of giving head. originated in the yay area and is part of the hyphy movement
got my vans on while she blow the whistle
by whitney & carmen July 03, 2006
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Positive Context: *the act of defining an above average looking women by the usage of a phrase*

Negative Context:*as a point at which the clock needs to be stopped*
"Damn she is fucking hot I give her an 8-1-8, Blow The Whistle"

"frat guy wearing a pink polo with the color popped....blow the whistle"
by Joe Floyd September 22, 2008
When you are riding dirty and some dumbass in your crew flips out cause of all the yayo you are slingin and then the fucking cops show up. Originated in the bay area and is an integral part of the hyphy movement. Bitches
Blow the Whistle woo woo Blow the Whistle woo woo
by KeakDa Sneak May 19, 2006
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