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The wayyy cool canvas shoe. Rabens are passe now that Deks have arrived down under. Fully defined at www.zeaglegroup.com. The only place to get a pair of Deks that I know of.
by wayyycool November 29, 2009
"Don't Even Know", a variation on "idk".
Supposedly started by a blogger on sarcasticindiefucks.tumblr.

idk-> I don't know
idek-> I don't even know
dek-> Don't even know.

For the linguistically adventurous, it can also be used as a verb.

Also, see the variation on a variation, dec.

"I dek."
I don't even know.

"She deks."

She doesn't know.

"They're dekking."
They don't know, they have no idea.

"I dekked!"
I didn't even know!
by LovetteCher December 27, 2010
an alternative way to pronounce "dick." often for added effect or partly as a joke.
"shut up dek"
by jarule16 August 14, 2008
Someone whose "Bratwurst ist rot".
The TWAT-Team of S-F (Tactical Women's Ass Terrorist)
The guy who likes hentai better than normal anime.

Hobbies: Raping Kakashi's, making pervert comments
<+DemonEyesKyo> ie: Hey Tiffany, Your twat tastes of fucking cheese and fish- dont you wash down here?
by Kakashi January 01, 2004