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Once the body feels the intensity of cannibus consumption coupled with the copious amount of alcohol, it enters a state only known as Dehighdration.

Various Side Effects May include:
Cotton Mouth
Utter Confusion/Bewilderment
Loss of Appetite/ and Extreme Gains in Appetite
Memory Loss
Frequent Urination
Having sex with swamp donkeys.
Increased enjoyment of Planet Earth
Frequent Urination
Erectile Disfunction.
Hey Billy, why are your eyes so red? I don't know man I'm pretty dehighdrated.
by Smokers in PartnersPlace, PBDC August 23, 2009
When you are btoh dehydrated and high. Can result in some really bad things.
"I got so dehighdrated today. I was woozy from the lack of water, and after getting high i could barely take a step."
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 May 16, 2009
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