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From the French dégringolade ("to tumble down").
A pleasant comedown, often due to the general mood or atmosphere the next morning, the drug taken, still being slightly high after waking up, or if you are on a comedown with several friends and sharing the experience.
"You were wasted last night, man. I bet you feel like shit now though, huh?"
"Nah, on a degringolade. I actually feel cushty as hell just sat here."
#drugs #comedown #crash #hangover #ecstasy #mdma #morning after #withdrawal
by Tsuchinoko November 11, 2012
A drink mix that turns you into a white person.
Word up man, Rufus totally degringoladed.
#gringo #coolaid #white #transmutation #oops
by Sanguinary1 April 29, 2009
To fall and disintergrate
" what does degringolade mean?"

"To fall and disintergrate"
by Nige C January 30, 2004
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