a picture that is or should be made into a profile picture on social networking websites.
Girl 1: "What do you think of this picture?"
Girl 2: "You look gorgeous, default baby."
by gigiapple June 26, 2010
Top Definition
The first picture in myspace that you see from another user among their display name
Dude did you see Stacy's latest default? She posted it last night!
Yeah man! but i think its about time you update yours...
by *Brendan Hottie* November 04, 2007
Option that is chosen automatically for user, out of the box.
example 1: Internet Explorer is default browser in Windows
example 2: default settings suck in Firefox!
example 3: first thing you need to do is to get rid of default settings.
by name used whatever October 12, 2011
That which occurs when one does not make a choice. N00bs usually think it's supposed to be that way because no one bothered to tell them they had a choice.
sWindles installs some really lame screensavers by default.

"Don't you use PayOhHell? How else can you get online?"
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
Someone who has removed all hair/piercings/makeup from their face bringing it to a blank neutral state.
When Eric started playing Saints Row the characters features were set to default.

Joey: Hey did you hear? Tommy set his facial features to default.

Jack: Hah I bet he looks like Professor Xavier from X-Men.

Show Host: Britney Spears has recently changed her hairstyle to default again.
by Ian McSmith March 08, 2011
default (1, Noun)
default (2, Adjective)

1. Given to reverting to an easier or more comfortable, less risky option when confronted with a choice.

2. Displaying behavioural traits that could be described as being 'default'.
*1, This car is beyond conservative, it's default!

*2, When asked whether he wanted to go out clubbing with his friends, he decided to stay home with mum, the default bastard.
by Jim C August 09, 2005
That moment when you realize you just took a potential default picture for your facebook account.
Kid: What?
Me: Default. Its like a Kodak moment, only with facebook pictures.
Kid: Ohhh ok
by Lil Wayne sucks 4 dicks July 13, 2011
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