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A skill-less noobcakes, lacking in macro, micro, and manners. Will often resort to BM tactics such as stream cheating to ensure his survival, though this is often still not enough to make up for his species' inability to adapt to higher skill play.
Is (Insert player's name) playing Deezer?
by ZiggyStardst June 16, 2011
611 69
A music on demand site, allowing it's users to stream thousands of songs fo' free without downloading.
Deezer makes life more enjoyable. It's even legal for fuck's sake.
by Fo' Free July 13, 2008
65 87
Like a nerd, geek, dweeb, spaz, only smarter, more mature and gets laid
Dude, I'm not a geek, I'm a DEEZER.
by WildWill October 17, 2006
48 224