(deez)slang for these
ayo deez kalled u last night
Deez who?
Deez nutz! ya dig? deez....nutz
by chuck deez January 24, 2007
Used as tomorrow, later, flipside, etc
"See you on the deez"
by K.Schmidt September 03, 2008
to demonstrate your testicals
by Claudio July 18, 2003
lick my balls very gently
jiggle deez nutz in your mutha fukin mouth
by big pimp August 13, 2004
word thats is telling what something is.
come play with deez nuts
deez chips are old
most common term-deez nuts
by tye June 15, 2004
ghetto for these.
deez nutz
by chris October 23, 2002
awesome, cool, nasty, good, excellent etc...
Man those buffalo wings are deez.
by mug February 18, 2005

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