Nickname for yo dogg...usually someone with a first or last name starting with D.
Yo deez...toss me one of those roofies to slip in this bitch's drink while she's in the bathroom.
by Nick D February 08, 2003
another word for "balls"
I was scrappin' last week, and just when I thought shit was finished, I got kicked in the deez.
by ricky roma September 24, 2003
1. Jacked out fo your mind. Short for Deisel as in Vin Deisel
Matt Riderstoff is fucking deez.
by David Oakwood May 31, 2005
Deez- an abbreviation for "These Hoes!" a term often used by members of the C.W.A.S.I to describe the females that cause all of the drama in life.
If two or more Scutologist witnesses a Scutta in action, they generally look at one another and say, "Deez!"

These women cause/allow men the right to cheat, they are constantly engulfed in dramatic situatons. Extreemly stubborn and immature. Beware! They are unknowingly the cause of all of the world's problems!
by Scutologist July 02, 2006
cool, awesome, sweet
That kid is supa deez
by gggggg-unit March 12, 2005
sick nasty, wicked awesome.
man: that was so deez when you jumped off that cliff
me: yaaaaa i know, but
man: but what mann
me: it was really undeez when you didnt jump off with me
man: haha, undeez sounds like undeez as in underwear, haha
by Laurence March 06, 2005
abbreviation for the word theese.
"deez nutz"
by Me!!!!!lol June 02, 2015
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