This is what you call someone when they constantly lie about anything and everything that comes out of their mouth. It doesn't even make sense for them to lie about something but they do anyway. This may be to "fit in" or just "be cool."
1. Roman: Yeah I just won the halfpipe competition up at ski roundtop last weekend.
Alec: Yeah i won a competition one time when i lived back in Alaska.
Anthony (to Alec): You're a Deetz.

2. Ramsey: I had a threesome last night with those two girls.
Ian: I had sex with both of those girls before, and i've already been in three threesomes.
(Ian walks away)
Anthony (to Ramsey): He's a fuckin' deetz!
by Twon's Z April 16, 2008
Top Definition
Slang for details. To be used when asking for "the details" seems presumptuous and too much like something your mother would ask.
When used with a "z" at the end instead of an "s" (see deets) it undoubtedly makes you more scene, street, or what have you.
"Yo, hoox me with the deetz on that party Friday night.!"
by Hjerteløs February 18, 2008
An adjective that describes a very ugly, obese, and/or disgusting woman.
"Ugh! Jay! Did you see that chick that just went by?"

"Yeah, dude. She was da-da-da deetz!!"
by Smokey G December 23, 2008
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