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noun: The vast, teeming portion of the World Wide Web that contains websites never imagined or viewed by most web users. This includes the dark, labyrinthine sites providing anything and everything considered illicit or taboo by most people.

adj: Having the nature of the deep web.

At the bottom of the deep web is the final boss of the internet.
While you were still playing Club Penguin, I was exploring the farthest reaches of the deep web.

Dude, that snuff site is so DEEP WEB!

My cousin thinks he's deep web just because he has a folder of "troll face" comics.
by Tomatoes Woman July 27, 2011
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Also known as the dark web, undernet, and invisible web. Imagine the internet, and everything it offers, times about 20,000,000. That's how big the deep web is. But you can't just be like, 'I'm going on the deep web' and type it into a search engine, you need special computer software, called Tor, that will keep you anonymous, or else, you'll be hearing from the FBI
Don't go into the deep web unless your ready, there's some scary shit there
by shut-the-fuckupcakes April 20, 2015

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