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One step further advanced from rimming, it is the inserting of one's tongue as far as possible into someone's anus for the purposes of deriving pleasure for both the rimmer and the rimmee. Is best done with a clean anus and with rectum devoid of faeces. An incredible turn on for all concerned when performed correctly.
After licking her juicy twat to orgasm in that last 69er, I moved up to the brown and I did some serious deep rimming of her delicious date.
by Busted Hyman July 06, 2006
A variation of the act of rimming, where the rimmer, instead of merely licking the anus, inserts his or her tounge, as far as is possible inside the anus.

This derives a great sexual pleasure for both involved, as long as one isn't too afraid of tasting a little turd occasionally. Note one will not necessarily taste said brown substance.
I'd love that guy to deep rim me.

When will she give me some deep rimming? I've done her so many times!
by Fingers McSplunge July 04, 2006
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