insult used for an abnormally fat girl, seriously degrading
Hey deep dish, give me some pizza before you eat it all.
by hurricanesraaaaaaape July 08, 2006
Top Definition
v. to place one's face in someone else's booty and motorboat it until it becomes sloppy with fecal matter/ usually topped off with a mystery sauce

noun. the process of deep dishing
Jess: Wow, this is a really sloppy deep dish pizza!

Ambar: Yo, deep dish my ass.

Jess: Kinky...
by King, Christ, Chan May 06, 2011
Nothing to do with the American doyens of dance who go by the same name this position will have you doing most of the work, but unlike your nine to five grind, it’s well worth the rewards. With the missus on her back, legs akimbo and her ankles firmly in your grasp, the view is nothing short of spectacular. And with gravity on your side you’re in total control to vary speed, rhythm, penetration and thus the quality of your performance and both your orgasms. Tease her for hours and make her come like crazy or sort yourself out sharpish and make sure you’re done in time for Match of the Day. Either way, you’re onto a winner.

Last night we were in the deep dish position all night long. I had a fuck load of energy.
by A. Hugh Jass January 16, 2009
When a person goes for a long or deep throw in a sport, mainly Ultimate Frisbee.
"Oh, look at number 23...oh, he's going for the DEEP DISH...OH THE DEEP DISH! What a catch."
by failfrisbee April 23, 2015
Huge wheels or rims on a very nice whip.
check out the deep dish on that black rover, those are some big shoes.
by Jay Ryder May 01, 2008
Embedded, or hardcore.

He's a deep-dish baseball fanatic.
by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
Inconceivably awesome. Something that is deep dish is so badass and cool that it's difficult to understand how it can even exist.
Steve's new motorcycle is seriously deep dish! It's the fastest thing on two wheels.
by stevec May 04, 2006
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