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To "deep 6" a person is to kill them. Typically a euphamism used in terms of organized crime. The phrase comes from the fact that people are traditionally burried 6 feet undergound after death.

syn: off, whack, snuff
I need Johnny to be out of my way. Deep 6 the poor bastard.
by Draque December 10, 2004
To kill or abort something. Origins could have come from the Unix world where init 6 is the system command to Shutdown and Reboot a system.
Deep 6 the system. My program just did a deep 6 on me.
by tmcgough April 08, 2008
The name of a gang who's color is black (ie., they ware black bandanas). Rightly given their name (see above definition). More insane than the Gators, stronger than the Bloods, and smarter than the Crips.
"I heard Deep 6 gave 5 GATORS a California Smile last night!"
by Xeneth Sparda January 30, 2005
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