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A kind of tickle applied in a particular style

or character.
A "franken" deedler is applied with two fingers, one
on each side of the neck (where the bolts would be).

A "dracu" deedler is two fingers together, applied on
one side of the neck (where the fangs would be).

A "wolverine" deedler is a tickle on the mid-section
applied with three fingers (where the adamantium would be).

A "sparerib" deedler is a single finger tickling between the ribs.

A "Darth" deedler is a single finger tickling while a "light saber" sound is made.

In a sentence:

I gave my son a "dracu" deedler while we were out trick-or-treating.


My daughter was behaving badly at the movie theater while we were watching "X-Men, first class", so I gave her a

"Wolverine" deedler.
by The Deedler November 19, 2011
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A small pitbull like chihuahua dog that is really fast.
I bet I can run as fast as a deedler.
by coocoomoo June 13, 2013
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A strong tan and black Chihuahua, who runs very, very fast. But he doesn't look like a Chihuahua due to his abnormal size and tail shape. He has a broken tail and messed up ears because he was born dead. This makes him special. Deedlers can only be male. He is the most adorable thing you will ever see in your entire life, unless you make him MAD! He likes to sleep under the covers and under the sun. When he lies in the sun that is called "Sun Baking." He also likes playing with his monkey, which isn't always a monkey.
Wow! He's so fast he could almost outrun a Deedler. (probably not)

Bob is so pissed he could be as angry as a Deedler!
via giphy
by coocoomoo November 03, 2016
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