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A person who is an expert in the art of manipulation,revenge,interrogation,self defense,and clandestine activities. A very covert person who can travel undetected. Usually highly dangerous if threatened, will react quickly with a swift, precise solution.
That guy on the news was such a deebz, how he took down those 3 cops and escaped.
by Joe calahan September 02, 2008
1. (n) Any game in the Diablo series from Blizzard entertainment, most commonly Diablo 2.

2. (v) The act of playing one of the aforementioned games.
1. "Hey I'm gonna go play some Deebz."

2. "Were you guys deebzing last night?"
by Mr Deckard Cain May 27, 2010
a Deebz (or d.b) is a dirtbag and a dirtbag is a person who commits an act of either low integrity or genius revenge
Matt had sexual intercourse with my sister. He is a huge deebz.
by patrick sleazy April 02, 2006
Noun- informal pronunciation/spelling of "dibs"
Mike- Check it out, the seven eleven gave me two Icees for the price of one!

Doug- Deebz!
by The Wiggin November 14, 2010
the epitome of all kewlness
That girl is so deebz imma hav to put her in mai pocket and take her home. =)
by mehkjoo March 08, 2003
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