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derived from DB, meaning drunk bitch
"yo deebs, whatup?"
by tye taylor January 07, 2009
Shortened version of Duckbutter, or the accumulation of sweat, vaginal discharge, anal seepage, seemen, blood, saliva, urine, etc. around the taint/gooch area.
Last night I had so much deeb in my taint, I could hear it squish when I sat down.
by DoubleDTHEG November 29, 2009
A colloquial form of DB, itself a short-hand form of douchebag.
All the new kids in class are complete deebs.
by A.C. Slater February 20, 2006
Slang term for D-bag, the abbreviation of douche bag.
Those guys at the bar with the fake tans who tried to hit on us without offering to buy us drinks, were total deebs.
by KBigs January 20, 2009
shortform of the popular game franchize: Diablo
I'm gunna fiend some Deebs.
by StuntmanMike November 15, 2008
A term that refers to a heavyset Japanese salaried employee.
That new guy is such a deebs!
by Sak April 19, 2005
Shorter version of D-Bag. Which is a shorter version of Deutch Bag.

Deebery- Shortened D-Baggery.
Dude! Your a fucking deeb!

Enough of this D-Baggery
by Ian February 02, 2004
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