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A made-up term used by idiotic managers to describe the process of resolving problems caused by poor communication (or more likely, their own stupidity).
"Make sure your people are sharing information so we can deconflict any problems before they become big issues."
#conflict #deconfuse #decomplexification #misinformation #communication
by Scaurus May 19, 2009
Avoiding mutual interference by allocating time and assets to avoid conflict (collisions, double booking, over-stretching resources etc.).

The term is most commonly used by the military and engineers.
If you have a one lane street with two direction of traffic going through it, the drivers cannot go in both directions at the same time. Drivers can deconflict by taking turns. Three cars go one way, then three cars go the other way.
#avoidance #scheduling #planning #decomflict #de-conflict
by Apeiron0 September 15, 2010
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