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The action of getting dissed or humiliated in front of others. This word is then said by a bystander not by the people taking part in the action. Not normally a good thing to have happen to you- but a pretty chill way to call someone out on it.
Alternate spellings include: deaded, deded, dedded
Josh: Yo i hooked up with this chick last night- she was bangin.

Andrew: Nah son, she was like prepubescent- she looked like your 5 year old sister.

Bre: o0ohh ...DEBTED!!!
by Tajh Salaso August 22, 2007
To be played, dissed, shitted on, rejected, turned down, pushed away, etc.
I asked Ciara for her number at her concert and she debted me and said no.
by Playax08 May 06, 2009
Losing money, or something of value; often associated with drugs.
I gave that mothafucka money to pick up for me, but he took it and I got debted.
by DanFo July 31, 2006