1. The end of the world as you know it.

2. A universal experience that occurs in all known life forms.

3, The most persistent mystery of all time.

4. The ultimate excuse for missing work.

5. Inevitable; the best reason to party excessively.

6. The point at which life delivers its punchline.
Death: Get it?

You, upon dying: Yep!
by Chicocat April 01, 2010
The possible result of encountering 100% of stuff in this world. Anything can kill you.


Means the opposite of life.

No use being afraid; it's inevitable.

See dead, darkness, Grim Reaper, The End, An encounter with Chuck Norris.
Death can be a result of:

Not drinking water.

Not eating food.

Eating too much food.

Car accidents.


A toothpick.

A pickax.

You get the idea.
by TJWFTW January 01, 2010
1. Loss of all feeling and abillity you once knew.(Maybe)

2. A word.(duh)

3. Somthing to fear.

4. Somthing to look forward too.

5. Somthing we will and must accept.
Some want to experience death and some do not, either way its going to happen.
by Thatwongi December 14, 2009
Death is basically the lack of life. and too many ppl cry about it. And theres no such thing as heaven so death is basically sleeping without dreams. unless you do get dreams thatd be pimp
Death just visited this house cleearly because that guy is dead. serves him right. stole my cheezits.
by Cogahi February 27, 2009
the stale smoke still caught, weather its a bong, a pipe, a GB, a third lung, a hookah... its all death

also known as ghostie
-Dude! don't pass me that death! clear that shit you pussy.

-*cough*cough* *cough* sorry... ill try to take it like a man next time.
by BiggerZ May 19, 2008
Can be used as a phrase for death

can also be used instead of shit...
"Oh De'ath" or "im taking a De'ath, ill be out in a min." or "i need a De'ath!!"
by Stephaniiiiee July 29, 2007
n. Word shouted at goths upon encounter, often with accompanying "rock on" hand signals and optionally with the use of other death-related words, e.g. pain, suffering, torture, maim, kill, woe, etc..
Normal person: Hello, goth.
Goth: Hello, normal person.
Normal person: DEATH!!!! DEATH!!!!!!!!!! DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!! PAIN!!! KILL!!! WOE!!! SUFFERING!!!!
by Bob Farrell January 07, 2007

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