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A burger that contains; 4 jumbo beef patties, 1chicken fried steak, 8 pieces of bacon, 8 pieces of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, green chili, and jalapeños.
Can I have death burger with cheese and nachos?
by Death Burgers For All March 25, 2009
Any Hamburger that has 3 patties of meat.
"Lets go get a Wendys death burger combo"
by EbScrooge January 06, 2005
Any hamburger or cheeseburger coming from White Castle. You have some, and just have enough time to get home before the runs start.
Let's go and get a bag of deathburgers from White Castle.
by steviedee August 16, 2007
Nickname for White Castle hamburgers. Named because of the gaseous emissions they cause when you eat them.
We had a sack of deathburgers.
by flint mitchell March 15, 2005
A burger, usually bought from a burger van or takeaway that is unhealthy and greasy.
I'm starving, fancy a death burger from that takeawy over there.
by U.D.I United May 15, 2006
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