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deado (pronounced day-ah-doh) - a sarcastic way of telling a Hispanic person that they need to back off or you will kill them.

It can also be used to reduce the importance of a person who passed away.
I'm real sorry to hear that this loser is deado.
by JohnnyManhattan June 22, 2011
Dead'o (noun) (du-ead-oh) Dead'o the action of dieing in a glourious manner, usualy and out right kill, no armours saves, no, not even 2+. If not an instant kill, it is usualy proclaimed at the death of perticularly important character or thing.
This word can also be used after wham'oh. see wham'oh
"ah ha your librarian is deado"
"deado" (while pointing at the landraider thats just been gaussed up real good)
by Mr P December 03, 2005
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