Mothers who dont think their children are important enough to pay child support after trying to take the Father for every thing he's worth.
My ex-wife
by mad as hell May 12, 2004
any person who is financially irresponsible and tries as much as they can to get something for nothing. This person will do anything to avoid hard work. They will often try and manipulate others into giving them money, because they are too damned lazy to work for a living.
my ex! This king of the deadbeats collects welfare, drinks Colt 45 all day, tries to bum car rides off of people, and never leaves a tip when he eats out.
by Ngo Ham Lan April 27, 2011
An ugly person who sits around all day and mooches off his mother. Someone who steals money for the government. Someone with no skills to make good money.
Look at rehemyer sittin in his moms house playing videogames all day...

What a deadbeat.
by hrkrnr February 10, 2008
A guy who sits at home pretending to work but really only chats in IRC and plays video games.
Zombee is such a deadbeat.
by Alex May 15, 2003
A baby daddy that does not spend his time being a father. One who would rather do drugs and hang out with underage girls, than spend time with his daughter.
They very often don't pay child support, and instead buy drugs and alcohol.
Did you hear about Corey?
"Yeah, I heard he's a real deadbeat dad."
by hakunamattata April 22, 2015
To fap to photos of someone who already died.
Person 1: Don't worry, people have been checking out/worshipping Marilyn Monroe for years and she's been dead for quite some time now.

Person 2: Is there a term for masturbating to photos of people who have died?

Person 3: One who does is a "Deadbeat".
by eggplantkiller January 21, 2011
1. A loser who lives at home, does not realistically look for work, and walks around like they are royalty, talking trash to people. See hypocrite.

2. A rich person like a doctor, professional athlete, celebrity or other professional, that cannot manage money properly. They either work below their means or lose their money to sycophants, con men or a bad habit or activity that drains all their money, like gambling, credit cards, women, alcohol, bad investments and writing or acting careers.
1. Rob is a deadbeat, he lives at home, is 35, has tons of debt, won't look for a realistic job, and doesn't care what other people think about him.

2. Dr. Jones can get paid well over six figures, but because he can't manage his money and gets ripped off by every con man he meets, he will never be able to retire. He also is too arrogant to listen to good financial advice, hence why he always is in debt. You need to file a lawsuit before the deadbeat even tries to pay you back.
by Tommy Sammy October 31, 2009

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