When one's rightly limped penis is wrapped in latex material, and has just released man nectar. Usually before any kind of sexual intercourse. Thus looking like a suited up solider, dead in his own pile of fluids.
Dick: Heard that kid got the dead soldier with Gina.
Clark: Hahaha who the fuck gets a dead soldier when your about to stick it in a fish taco as fine as Gina's.
by b3arded clam April 23, 2010
Top Definition
an empty beer bottle
after I finished my beer I left that dead soldier on the bar
by jfk April 09, 2004
Empty beer cans you have sitting around your house, car, porch, yard, beach, etc.
Man A: Hey, assholes. Anybody have any dead soldiers laying around? I'm taking out the trash.

Man B: Oh, got a few here. Hold on while I kill this last one.

Man C: No, fuck off.
by Chris Locust June 07, 2009
an empty bottle, especially one that contained an alcoholic beverage
The floor was cluttered with dead soldiers and paper plates.(example of dead soldier)
by The Return of Light Joker January 16, 2010
An empty vial of narcotics, usally heroin.
Watch your step son, there be dead soldiers everywhere .

That nigga lives in da ghetto for real, look under his shoes, a lot of cracked dead soldiers!
by TheBunk February 08, 2010
a broken cigarette
Laura fished the crumply cigarette softpack from her purse. "My last cigarette, and it's a dead soldier," she sighed.
by Memphis Belle March 31, 2010
An empty NO2 canister used for whip-its.
Man, there's dead soldiers all over the floor.
by NO2ah July 25, 2008
A deposited wad of semen
She had a handful of dead soldiers.

Wipe the dead soldiers off your chin before you go back to class.
by NATO_Jen March 28, 2007
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