N.Irish term for all right, satisfactory, of sufficient quality.


Someone who is alright, doesnt annoy you at all and generally tries not to piss other people off.
"How was the meal?" "Dead on?"

"What's jonny like" "Aw he's a dead on fella"
by Chris May 23, 2004
Top Definition
A term meaning something is extremely accurate, right on target. Hitting the mark. Correct, absolute.
You nailed that description dead on.
by monkiki April 03, 2005
a dead person's hard on
an open casket was a bad idea. jerry has a dead on.
by deadboners July 10, 2008
Sarcastic term for someone who talks bullshit and and is not liked by anyone
Jonny is so "dead on" and thats why he has "so many" friends
by bowlsie February 18, 2004
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