contary to popular belief a 'dead herring' referes to the case in which all the answer exhibited in a multichoise questions do not satisfy the criteria to corrispond to the question. this is normally done by a teacher that is identified by the name anti-haasskett or a binary opposed haaasskkket.
"WTF THIS MUTLI CHOISE IS A DEAD HERRING" "you are correct the premise of the question is invalid." HOW IS NONE THE ANSWER. and so on.
by taskmaster September 12, 2009
Top Definition
When someone brings up an old problem in a friendship or relationship to distract from the issue at hand. Similar to a "Red Herring", except that it is an old issue. This usually leads to an escalation in the argument.
husband: Why did you let that guy give you his phone number? You should have just said "I'm married".
wife: oh come on! you flirted with my friend Jane at that Belle and Sebastian concert.
husband: that was 5 years ago and I already said sorry for that like a thousand times! You always dig up dead herrings whenever I call you on your bullshit!!!
by leighmon June 28, 2013
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