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The act of going on dc++ and downloading some random song or movie that you most definitely don't actually like. You download it anyways because you thought of the song/movie, you got really excited, it is free, and you're amazed that dc++ even has it.
Julia: I'm never going to Jamaica
Mike: Jamaica? Remember that movie Cool Runnings?
Julia: YES!
Mike: *singing* da da da Bobsled Team
Julia: I'm so gonna DC++ that shit
Mike: I doubt they'd have it, it's really old and why would anyone have it on their computer in the first place?
(30 seconds later)
Julia: Oh man, they have it
Mike: DC++ that shit!
(10 minutes later)
Julia: Wanna watch Cool Runnings?
Mike: No... not really
Julia: Yeah, me neither, why did I download that?
by westie23 November 11, 2007
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