Acronym for "Don't Be Weak". A phrase said when someone is being weak in a mental or physical state.
When someone is being scared of something or doesn't want to lift a certain amount of weight in a gym. You would say "DBW" to help pressure someone into doing something they would not normally do.
by Jeremy Craven April 23, 2008
Top Definition
dont be weird
Drew says he can speak skrillex. silv said dbw.
by Silv8990 February 01, 2011
Drive-by-Wire. This is a feature that most new cars have to run the engine. Normally when you step on the gas, a cable is pulled and opens the throttle. In a Drive-by-Wire system, the throttle cable is eliminated and the process is done electronically.
Toyota says that their new DBW system actually improves throttle response!
by TJinLV January 30, 2009
An acronym which stands for 'Douche Bag Weekly'...the only weekly publication that comes out monthly, because we are douche bags. @DBWWeekly
DBW was started when a certain DB asked the waiter whether the mussels were dry packed or wet packed. Thus DBW Weekly was born. The only publication where DB type moves can be illustrated and chronicled.
by @DBWWeekly May 14, 2013
DBW - Dick Before Wicket

A term used in cricket instead of LBW (Leg before wicket), when a person has been hit in the private parts or dick in front of the wicket.

As a result they are not officially OUT, but because of the pain involved... most people opt to retire, and therefore declare themselves OUT.
1. Someone shouts 'DBWWWWWWWW!'
2. You just got DBW'd.
3. Or simpy DBW! Followed by LOL.
by Montyyyyyy September 04, 2010
Great One. A Modern Warfare 2 player on XBox live who is a notorious trash-talker but, has little to no skill to back it up. Well known for phrases such as, "I'll rip ya punk" or "I'm in a garden...somewhere legal. DBWs often "live-stalk" players who have previously ran them into the dirt in order to execute some sort of revenge. All revenge attempts fail as they are mowed over and over again. A DBW will use tiresome excuses as to why their skills are inferior...such examples include placing blame on the weather, or their Mexican companion, Pedro.

A DBW also tries to sell random, useless things to people for Microsoft Points such as swivel mirrors and their children.

DBW's typically live in a double wide and own furniture from the 1915's but, hasnt seen pussy since the Great Depression.

Also notorious for nerd-raging and rage-quitting
A DBW: Lets go one on one...I'll RIP YA PUNK. I'm just gonna fuckin RIP YA!

player: Alright you DBW, lets go one on one...I'll plow through you like I've done for the last 6 games you piece of shit.

DBW: *rage quit*
by Sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010
Da Basta Webmasta: a cool dude spamming Metrosexual Dirty Robert with all kinds of funny stuff causing him to have RBS.
Yesterday DBW sent another butt pic to Dirty Robert with a NRB as result
by SeM April 26, 2004
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