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drunk bitch down. when a drunk woman falls down acting like a retard
Did you see sarah outside?? she totally pulled a dbd
by cutexandxdangerous October 28, 2009
Drive-by douchebags
People who drive really loud cars with their terrible songs at the maximum volume and with the bass cranked up really high so everyone can hear them
That DBD keeps driving past my house!
by stanstanstan June 30, 2014
Acronym for "Don't Be a Dick;" a sacred code of conduct among honorable male circles. Much like the ancient concept of chivalry, but more intrinsic and fundemental.
Matt: Hey, can you turn it down? it's, like, 3 a.m. and I have a test at 8!

Sean: hell no!

Matt: dude, DBD

Sean: aw yeah, sorry dude. go get some sleep. *music stops*
by Superace August 31, 2005
A poor quality illegal D.V.D bought from a oriental women resulting in the above pronounciation.
Would you like buy D.B.D?
by Oliver Smith April 05, 2007
Dead beat dumb.
The abbreviation that describes the woman in the movie "Triangle."

1.Damn that bitch was dbd.
by misspreciousmarie December 02, 2009
acronym for dumb blonde diva for stupid girls who whine, cry, and fuss over stupid things that happen in life also applies to clumsyness and genereal stupidity
play on words of dvd
Good job, DBD! that was blonde moment # wat?
by dolla billz July 16, 2006
Y'all stupid man....dbd is de name of ma mates sick ass hip hop group...Death Before Dishonour!!!
"hey did ya c DBD last night, they were bad as!!"
"yeah theyre wicked"
by spanj June 02, 2004