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1. The point in time between when one should've gone to sleep and when one's alarm clock is about to go off to start the day.
2. When one is amazed by another person and loses time realizing they're real by way of their appearance, expression of words, or personality
3. The state of coming down from any drug and realizing you're about to be yourself again
4. The place in your mind where random thoughts become goals.
1. "Man we were out so late that i didn't realize we were in the dazery."
2. "She looked at him and saw she had fallen into a dazery."
3. "I think the dazery has hit---my mind is back to normal."
4. "You know I just saw this little girl playing by herself, and I think maybe, in my dazery, I've discovered I want to become a child psychologist."
by Amanda Nicole Romanach December 22, 2006

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