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A date that is during the day. Otherwise known as hanging out. Similar to a bro date except slightly more pathetic because your hanging out with a girl that will have someone else's penis inside her later that evening. The only way to save a day date is with a nooner or weird outside style public sex.
Dude, get out of the friend zone! No day dates! No group dates!
by JeffreyJamYoJunk March 15, 2013
10 1
also refered to as a friend date
this date means nothing unless it is a first date then that means it is not a real date but only an outing between friends (nothing more)
Damn, i love her but all i can get is a day date.
by da man123456789 May 16, 2009
8 5
An informal outing, from the hours of 11 AM to 5PM, probably including lunch. Can be done with anyone, from friends, to significant others, to family.
Going to lunch with a friend, is a daydate.
by messygirl01 March 01, 2009
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