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A positive connotation, almost like "cool".
This party is so dax.
by knuk October 24, 2009
131 46
awesome sexy and funny very charming not a player
dax M.
by master_pimp April 24, 2009
124 61
1) Commonly used to describe the embodiment of someone who retains a high level of sexual stamina and an insatiable libido, although keeping in tact a cool demeanor and reflective persona in which can easily charm either opposing, or same gender.

2) It can otherwise be used to explain someone who retains a high intelligence to the level of a god-like extent, although usually very humble about it.
1) "Woah, now that's Dax; he didn't just get to third base with the Cheerleading Captain, but also scored with our Science Teacher!"

2) "Man, that Dax like guy just answered a College-leveled question without a trouble."
by FabioSmackksss October 26, 2009
100 38
The South African version of the BRO sport LAX(lacrosse) is what we call DAX (daxing); a sport/hobby where men/women physically exert parts of their bodies by lifting and pushing weights in reps and sets as to develop strength and a large muscular physique.

Play takes place in a 'daxing station' where daxers lift and push weights to achieve a common goal of becoming TAX-MEN. Daxers(players) start off as RICKETS and progress to the DAX-MAN rank and finaly a TAX-MAN after building a large enough muscular build to be called a true TAX-MAN. Supplementation is common practice as well as the unspoken practice where daxers inject or pop 'JUICE' to get the TAX-MAN status even faster.
Wow Bob ,your looking quite DAX there bud!!

Ay Steve, have you been DAXing it up lately?

Matt,you are officially a TAX-MAN(dax man ultimate status)!
by Kweni April 12, 2011
19 13
the ultra-hip new word to call a person. step aside, man, dude, bro, broseph....

dax is in.
yo dax, pass me the butter.
by doryfinchkins June 05, 2010
28 24
Usually known as a guy with a MASSIVE penis
That Dax guy is hung like a horse
by solydocx October 20, 2013
7 4
Pompous, egotistical ass who feigns modesty but secretly craves admiration and acclaim, even though unearned. Might even lie about awards and accomplishments to gain attention.
What a Dax!

I hope he's not trying to Dax his way to fame.
by Daft Cow January 03, 2012
32 30