One who claims he has a penis of approximately 7.5 inches, which is secretly a lie. The lie usually sounds like 'Its only natural, nothing suspicious.'
Boy: I have the fattest dick...
Girl: Want to let me see?
Boy: No? i can tell you that its a Dawson, expect no proof.
Girl: I doubt its a Dawson, thats like 50 inches...
Boy: Get out of my sight.
by Cha man tommy November 03, 2010
Cockney for leak (urinate),as in Dawsons Creek - Leak.
I'm burstin',I've gotta take a dawsons
by Big Marc C August 08, 2007
The sweetest person you will ever meet in your life. He is extremely cute and adorable. He is country. And everybody wants him. He is an amazing person.
He is such a dawson
by Random child October 08, 2014
The biggest fucking douchebag in the world. His dick is about the size of a tic- tac and likes to be referred to as Master. His ego is through the roof along with his horrible anger problems. He sometimes seems to think that if anyone has it better then him, they don't deserve it.He treats his girlfriend like a dog in a cage and claims that he's protecting her. He's a giant racist, manipulative douche nipple.
You- Hey guess what!
Me- Hmm?
You- I started dating a black guy!

Me- Good! Just don't let Dawson find out or he'll call you a bunch of horrid names
by Chantel Mariono September 08, 2014
To force ones fingers into the anus of another man whilst having a friendly wrestling match
Lets set the ground rules of the match:

1) no biting
2) no buggery
3) no Dawsons
by Edward Arthur November 05, 2008
To try, with much energy, to look cool, e.g. sport a fauxhawk, wear tailored Dunhill suits, Belgian Loafers; however to never actually be cool. The sisyphean task of trying to be hip, but never attaining "coolness."
The guy is a Dawson, he just doesn't get it.
by Mr. Dictionay October 05, 2011
A goofy fool who owns a Plymouth neon and thinks hes the shit, always wears the same hat and is 5 feet tall
Dawson-I just got another neon
Guy-Get the fuck out before i curb stomp you
by thetrueteller7897 June 10, 2011

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