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A Dawson is probably going to be one of the most stupid fuckers you'll ever meet. Generally annoying, they can easily turn you off with their bad breath, big mouths, horrid sense of humor, and dumbshit-ness. Hell, they probably have the smallest penises you'll ever see! They lead you to thinking their great, but then they turn on you. Be careful when you are in the midst of a Dawson.
Girl one: Oooh he's hot.
Girl two: Go talk to him!!
Girl two: So, what happened?
Girl one: He seemed nice, but then he pulled his pants down, has the smallest penis I had ever seen, then he showed his true idiot personality.
Girl two: Ewwy! Sounds like a Dawson!
by ujellyiknow December 22, 2011
v. to consume alot of alcohol and jizz your pants while grinding with someone at a party or social event
Guy 1: dude why'd u stop grinding with her she was hot?

Guy 2: i dont know she just stopped and slapped me

Guy 1: (examining guy1's pants) Holy shit dude did you dawson?
by mtpirko December 27, 2009
Various meanings:

1) To do or say something ridiculously stupid.
2) To sleep on a pillow that has actual shit inside it as a substitute for feathers and catch pinkeye as a result.
3) To complete sexual favours for your stepdad.
4) To be so fat that you have to have extra wide doors fitted in your house.
Example of number 1

Mum "Where did you come in the race son?"

Kid "I came 1th mum!"

Example of number 3

Stepdad "Come here kid I've got some smegma on my penis that you need to come and lick off."

Kid "Not again, I feel like such a dawson"
by i am moin February 24, 2010
The biggest fucking douchebag in the world. His dick is about the size of a tic- tac and likes to be referred to as Master. His ego is through the roof along with his horrible anger problems. He sometimes seems to think that if anyone has it better then him, they don't deserve it.He treats his girlfriend like a dog in a cage and claims that he's protecting her. He's a giant racist, manipulative douche nipple.
You- Hey guess what!
Me- Hmm?
You- I started dating a black guy!

Me- Good! Just don't let Dawson find out or he'll call you a bunch of horrid names
by Chantel Mariono September 08, 2014