Dashboard Confessional is an alternative rock band from southern Florida. The frontman, Chris Carrabba, started Dashboard Confessional as a solo acoustic act. Chris eventually added Dan Bonebrake, Mike Marsh, and John Lefler. Dan Bonebrake later left and Scott Shoenbeck took up bass for the band. Though the band started out playing acoustic only, they later moved on to a full band sound with A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. Popular singles include "Hands Down," "Vindicated," and "Screaming Infidelities."
"Dashboard Confessional is a band from Florida."
"Are you going to the Dashboard Confessional concert?"
by Sabastian March 21, 2006
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Here is an attempt at a slightly more objective full featured analysis of this band and emo in general.

I've spent most of my time amongst marching band geeks who for the most part hate the entire philosophy of emo. Some may enjoy the raw music, but the thought process behind it makes them writhe in agony.

Dashboard Confessional was somewhat enjoyable because they are accoustic, and the first couple of songs were a concert with fans singing along and I started feeling it as it built up, but then I listened to more, and it felt the same every time. A lack of variety perhaps wouldn't be as bad, except when you listen to songs over and over again you begin to practically memorize the musical patterns and then begin to move on to the lyrics. The lyrics were always depressing, which made me want to turn it off. Why would I listen to music to be sad? I understand some people are having difficult lives and feel consolidation in the music, but I am starting to believe that it is dragging them further into their depression rather than pulling them out of it.

At least they are doing accoustic. I personally prefer the accoustic workings of Slightly Stoopid or Jack Johnson, but it's a refreshing break from the screaming nonsense that we typically get.

I disagree with people who say that the singers of emo bands have high voices. I like to listen to Elton John every once in a while, and he can own any of them at high pitched singing. Sure, he's gay and common stereotypes in society would pin that as the reason for his singing ability, but we don't really know when he decided to be gay, and the Styx and Queen singers can sing higher than these emo guys as well, and he got all the female booty he could ever want.

The one other problem I have with emo music is that people glorify it because they feel connects to the rather morose lyrics, and claim it's emotional and appeals to their feelings. Music is all about feelings of course, no problem with that, but that's where the problem lies--they act it as if it were originally their own idea. I've had people telling me that 80's metal bands appealed to their feelings, as well as pop stars like Britney Spears (heaven forbid). Styx, Queen, Van Halen, and Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto all appeal to my feelings. Blues and Jazz are all about feelings, improvised solos often communicate how the musician's day is going. To look back at the original concept of "feeling in music" one must look back in the 1800's at revolutionaries like Beethoven who moved the world from the Classical to the Romantic period.
Person1: I enjoy emo music because it really appeals to my feelings and the typical struggles I have as a teen.

Person2: I also find feeling in music to be an important measure of quality, you might want to listen to some Chopin.
by tehmusician June 11, 2005
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if you're going to liten to emo, listen to dashboard confessional
by Lydia May 29, 2004
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wow people are really narrow minded. obviously all the people who are trashing this band have nothing better to do with their lives. whatever. they may be emo but i like them. it doesn't mean i cut myself or dress in all black. get over it.
...yeah whatever.........
by crazystuff July 05, 2005
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Ok.I've just spent about an hour reading all the definitions of Dashboard Confessional.It's amazing how shallow and ignorant people can be towards music.In my opinion, Dashboard Confessional have the most beautiful lyrics.Yes, they are soppy and some even cheesy but they are a breath of fresh air from bands that offend music and write pathetic lyrics about how their hearts are so broken and that they will never be able to forget about this certain person whom they fell in love with.It's pathetic.If you actually take the time to listen to Dashboard's lyrics you will realise they send out a positive message about how life goes on and that eventually, no matter how long it takes you will find your soul mate.Also this "stupid emo deppressing band" as they have been called play acoustic! Yes they are one of the very few bands who can actually sound amazing acoustic. In fact they sound a hell of alot better in their acoustic songs than in songs such as "Vindicated".Instead of calling Chris Carabarra a depressed,suicidal emo grow a backbone, listen to their lyrics and realise Chris Carabarra is a modern day poet whom likes to express his feelings and the album in which he wrote is about todays superfical societys where things that are "looked" down upon are on a pedestal and that everyone wants something for nothing.In this day in age it seems impossible to be able to express deep feelings in the form of poetry with out being called an "Emo".If you disagree with me why listen to their music? Why bother writing a definition for them? Why even take an intrest in them? Im sure things would be different if Dashboard Confessional were fronted by some blonde bimbo slut who's skirt is about the length of her intelligence.
"Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye." - Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional.
by Laurrren August 05, 2008
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a band with amazing palm mutes..amazing lyrics..amazing riffs!great vocalist too!simply a band to listen too!
dashboard confessional rocks!
by tripwire013 July 18, 2006
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Revolutionary band that decided that the best way to make music is to cut off their own testicles and write lyrics about problems that melodramatic teenagers have. At first, they wanted to play Goth music, paint their fingernails, and write in blogs. This doesn't make too much money so they moved on to downsizing to an entire new ensemble (with their parents money of course). Bought new acoustic guitars, a lighter drumset, haircuts, and new knifes to cut their wrists with.

After the transformation, the lead singer had a revelation. He realized that his balls were the reason they weren't making any money. He had surgery to get them removed that way his voice was higher. After the removal, he experienced a strange side effect in which the recipient feels depressed all the time (probably cause he has no balls).

After writing some songs, the band needed some lyrics. The default backup lyrics writer had no balls, could he do it? Why yes, yes he did. Unfortunately, all he wrote about was his ex-girlfriends, failed attempts to cut his wrists, his bottle of zoloft, and his cool sneakers.

The band was an immediate hit, the lyrics hit the problems of every melodramatic, mildly retarded teenager of America. I mean, the music made the listeners have more confidence (Some guy with no balls makes alot of money, thats gotta raise someones confidence).

After they sold theirselves to the devil, they made a music video to put on MTV. The worst TV station ever created.

In conclusion, if you are looking for music that will make you want to slit your wrists, beat the shit out of your ex girlfriend, masturbate to kiddy porn, and cry all day, you've found it. Dashboard Confessional.

They have a book coming out soon, its called "How to produce shit and make money!". (Publisher: MTV)
by Veritas_Aequitas February 24, 2005
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