A german exotic sex move where you shove your foot up a girls vagina while having sex. Preferably wearing a boot.
Tommy totally Das Booted Allison because she said she wanted a real german man!
by Tealtightsyeabuddy August 12, 2010
a sex pose or term.
when a man/women shoves their foot up a womens vagina usually wearing a boot.

another form of das boot is called the das baby.
this is when a women is in delivery and their husband/mate/fuck buddy comes into the emergancy room and shoves the baby back up so then she has to deliver again.
Ricky gave Casey the Das Boot last night.
by sexpanther101uhh August 14, 2010
it means the boat in german, but can be used in any time
1) Chick "Oh yah, make me squirt"
Guy "Das Boot!"
Chick "wtf...?"
2) (While surfing train)
n00b "This is so cool"
elite pwnmasta "no son, das boot!"
ex-n00b "dice, dice"
by undress and possess August 20, 2007
1) to be kicked out of a house/lift/party...

2) to be dumped or to dump ur partner
1) we fucked that kids house up to bad but then the parents
gave us DAS BOOT

2) ian gave coop DAS BOOT...now she's with big-head
by Ted kp March 21, 2007
The large orange wheel lock, also known as the Denver Boot, which is placed over one of a parked vehicle's front tires to render it immovable until it's owner pays his/her delinquent parking tickets.
dude: "Dude, I ran up $1500 in parking tickets and the bastards gave me das boot."
dude: "Weak, dude. What're you gonna do?"
dude:"The car's only worth 800 bucks. Let'em tow it."
by Holden McKock July 21, 2006
in English, the boot
Dr Evil: "I just really love the movie 'Das Boot'...or in English, the boot."
by Austinpowervich November 30, 2010
A piece of fecal matter so dense it sinks to the bottom of the toilet and into the pipe, much like a submarine.
I ate a philly cheese steak and low and behold I shat a das boot
by RP NINJA August 01, 2006

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