another name to "fuck off"
to regect something
can i borrow some money?
- das man, i aint giving you nothing!
by alex pus April 16, 2008
Clan for noobies.
That group reminds me of DAS.
by Divine AKA Christian Orona January 25, 2004
example above can also be Das Tight, Das Tight
Das Tight G
Das straight up tight G
by Jimberley Kim April 07, 2005
That's, for hip-hoppers, and want-to-be hip-hoppers. Often paired with 'coo'.
"Jimmy just bought a new stereo."
"Das coo, das coo."
by Lawler. August 22, 2003
Drunk as shit
When your going out on the town or going to a party, when you say your getting drunk as shit, you say your gettins "das"
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend"
"I'm chillin friday night, but saturday night I'm gettin das"
"Sounds good bro"
by B-hoff [for t-seid] January 03, 2009
(pronounced D+ass)
Acronym for Dank-Ass-Shit. Refers to any substance that has notable potency such as high grade marijuana or a very spicy pepper.
Stoner: Hey you wanna smoke some DAS?
Co-stoner: Sounds like a plan!

Cook: here is my secret chile' recipe, be careful though, this shit is some DAS!
by neb sicnarf January 15, 2008
My tabby cay, cute adorable and annoying.
animal sitting on my lap
just trust me!
Eg the only tabby cat that looks like a prawn when he curls up
by Morgan le fay January 01, 2005
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