The origin of "Das" stems from the expression "that's a good one." It's commonly used in response to someone saying something extremely stupid that is complete nonsense. Technically, Das means "that's" which is a shortened version of the above expression.
1. Some cocky mofo: "I'm going to win the Heisman trophy next year as a freshman."

His friend: "That's a complete fuckin DAS!"

2. Same cocky mofo: "I've got a huge dick"

Everyone within earshot: "Ummm..DAS?!"

3. Cocky mofo's sister: "My big brother is the coolest!"

Her best friend: "DAAASSSS!"

4. Me: "Wow, Das got the Urban word of the day!!"

Dad: "Holy god, that's a friggin Das!"
by Mr. Vades January 01, 2012
Drug Assisted Studying. The act of taking a drug meant for individuals with ADD or ADHD in order to help one focus and get their homework done in a fast and efficient fashion.
D.A.S. at 3:00 a.m. iis the college way of life.

Do not go on social networks when D.A.S. has kicked in or you will be on that website for the next 6 hours.
by GinjaNinja108 September 13, 2011
1.) a very inefficient process or when used to describe a person who is inefficient
This process is DAS!
by macq March 30, 2011
An acronym for the commonly used phrase "Dumb As Shit"
Is this guy das or what?
by bbluntz May 19, 2011
das- meaning, "disgusting as shit"
-dude i went to go take a crap in my girlfriends bathroom.

-bro thats das.
by hipppppppiyyyyyyyy February 27, 2011
A shortened word for thats
"das sensational" or
"das really great"
by coate June 06, 2004
acronym for dumb ass slut
What a fuckin' DAS.
by twentyconley October 30, 2011
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