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to receive felatio. darth vader's helmet resembles the head of a penis ergo to get darth vader.
that chick gave me some darth vader in the car
by eric March 10, 2005
Someone akin to the Republican party. A person who has turned evil becuase they have a small penis.
Don't go there, he'll pull a Darth Vader on us all.
That Darth bitch scares me.
by foshizzle May 21, 2003
the tip of a black mans penis
by peachy April 23, 2003
what the fuck..razorblades?

darth vader is a man with a obbsesion of avacodos and has a small mexican nymph in his closet
a: thats one nice nymph you got there
darth vader:avacodo, I AM YOUR FATHER!
by z-man November 16, 2003