The act of jizzing into a girl's throat while giving you a blow job, or a dude if that's your speed (wink wink), and having them choke. The choking, and struggling to breath sounds much like Darth Vader.
Dude! I jizzed into Charlie Sheen's mouth, and he totally went all Darth Vader.
by proudyellowman April 02, 2011
1) has cushings

2) wears twilight shirts

3) sounds like she would pay top dollar for 1 good breath

4) looks like she needs to take a bath

5) needs to never sit next to a Jason in class

6) likes giving blumpkins
Darth Vader is really getting on my nerves, someone needs to punch her in the face.
by me, you, and everyone else June 25, 2010
When a guy is droppin a stankin' ass duece and getting head at the same time. The smell of the shit forces the girl to breath through her mouth while simultaneously giving head. This leads to the girl making the same breathing sound that Darth Vader is known for in Star Wars.
Dude, Kyle got a Darth Vader from Becky in the bathroom at 23 Cannon Street.
by tjc11 April 01, 2008
When getting head as your partner pulls away you cum up your partners nose instead of in their mouth, creating a nassel rasping sound when they talk like Darth Vader.
I totally Darth Vadered that girl, she was sneezing for hours.
by Kboss156 July 30, 2009
a cool villian from star wars. his entire suit is made of leather and he strangles people with his mind. sounds like a homosexuals dream. leather sex and masachism.
when darth vader strangles someone with those big leather gloves i get an erection
by homosexual<3 May 09, 2006
An expression I created for when someone spoils the plot/climax of a movie/show etc. I was looking forward to seeing. This is a reference to a Simpsons episode where Homer walked out of a Theatre after watching a Star Wars film. He is talking to Marge about how shocked he was that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father. Thus, ruining the movie for all those within earshot.
"Hey, I saw this awesome movie yesterday man, this is what happens..." "COME ON! I want to see it, don't Darth Vader it for me"

"I wanted to see that new movie out, but John pulled a Darth Vader so I'm not interested now"

"Tim is mad at me still, I accidentally Darth Vader'd that movie he wanted to see"
by Ryan Catney October 22, 2007
When someone passes out at a party, you slap your penis against their forehead leaving a red impression that looks like darth vader's helmet.
Dude, that girl passed out at our party so I darth vadered that shit!
by Suydam September 23, 2007

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