when some chick is giving you a job and and squeezes the base of ur john, making your head turn black as a result, and looking like darth vader from star wars
Your mom gave the the darth vader last night.
by Dickenstein May 02, 2005
to receive felatio. darth vader's helmet resembles the head of a penis ergo to get darth vader.
that chick gave me some darth vader in the car
by eric March 10, 2005
Someone akin to the Republican party. A person who has turned evil becuase they have a small penis.
Don't go there, he'll pull a Darth Vader on us all.
That Darth bitch scares me.
by foshizzle May 21, 2003
what the fuck..razorblades?

darth vader is a man with a obbsesion of avacodos and has a small mexican nymph in his closet
a: thats one nice nymph you got there
darth vader:avacodo, I AM YOUR FATHER!
by z-man November 16, 2003
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