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Way too tough right now. May be a result of Arnold idolization. Darshness can follow a linear trend to Scarface Super Toughness or even permanent Drunk Dan mode.
Dan just about anytime
by Pancho March 17, 2005
4 49
A supposedly hilarious and derogatory mispronunciation of the last name "Marsh."
In the Ski Trip episode of South Park, Tad calls Stan Marsh "Stan Darsh" as an insult.
by StrikerObi June 18, 2003
616 192
Used primarily as an insult, the term "darsh" originally derived from an episode of South Park. In the said episode the character Stan Marsh was on a ski-trip and a random guy challenged him to a race. In an attempt to piss Stan off, the random guy said: "Stan Marsh... more like Stan Darsh!" And since then all the cool kids have been saying it.
"Way to go, you god damn darsh!"

"I just darshed that up, like whoa."
by LoveTHYconan August 08, 2005
420 198
When playing Cee-lo, and the dice roll off the surface or out of bounds, the player has darshed the roll; when someone fumbles a situation, or whenever you just fuck up.
"Jen always darshes the roll when we play craps"

"Dude that girl was totally into you, but you darshed it at the last second with your rape face."

Things couldn't have gone worse when Walt let the money override his sensibility and darshed the whole operation.
by strtzofGB October 07, 2013
2 5
Someone you don't want to fuck with
O shit, its dark
watch out for darsh
by bvem35 June 19, 2012
9 19
Darsh usually used as a male name. Its source is a Sanskrit expression meaning "Moonlight".
Darsh = Lord Krishna
Darshak = spectator
Darshan = vision
by Meera Jasmin July 07, 2009
81 93
to darsh is to just darsh, do u know what I'm saying? just darsh it.
Dylan "Just dash the shit out of that."
Jet "Just Darsh it man."
by Sir Mr. Eyebrows September 14, 2011
12 33
word used when one gets tired of using the term douche
You spilled my beer you fucking darsh!

Look at that guy's pants - what a darshbag.
by badger April 08, 2005
111 136