Slang for a straight person: traditionally meant in a derrogatory term, much like fag or dike.
Hey, you fucking Darsh!

You're totally darshing up the situation.

Why don't you go darsh it out with your girlfriend?!?!
by Jimmay April 08, 2004
Darsh was made up by the excellent rapper Example:
Deep and Harsh = Darsh!!

Evt. HarshDeep
"Mate, i made £10 000 last month! DARSH!!!"
"I've played this venue before. It's Darsh."
"He's a fuckin darsh drummer."
"He's now gonna get some free trainers off her I think. DARSH!"
by DrBlix June 14, 2007
A turtle like creature
Ian Darsh is a turtle
by Bobby Fanning March 05, 2004
Gosh but adding a "dar" and minusing a "go".

"What are you going to do today napoleon?"
"I'll do whatever i want, darsh!"


"darsh just bring me my chapstick my lips hurt real bad okay!"
it is the worst thing u can possibly call somebody itts deffinition is 2 horrible and if i type it ur head will explode
If you are reading this u are a DARSH
by e-van October 06, 2004

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