clan hopper. to hop clans with regularity; also backstab 'friends'
you darkor fag
(you backstabbing fag)
by you-know-exactly-who August 27, 2003
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Top Definition
He owns my ass with his big cock
by [4k^Shaq] August 27, 2003
stupid dumbass who needs to download himself a real-life
"look at that short freckled kid in the taped glasses!"
"haha oh my god what a dark0r!"
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
A clan skipping fag who configs online and gets carried by his team.
by Ad August 27, 2003
totally sol wanker!
by t0m May 28, 2003
Online Hero
by :o August 25, 2003
luck0r fag0r
by dArk0r August 28, 2003

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