An AOLer who owns the homo Impulse.
DarkKnight owns fagpulse.
by DarkKnight October 23, 2003
The most leet person in the world. Everyone below = fags who wish they were me.
DarkKnight is the leetest haxor
by DK August 04, 2003
The masterfull, all knowing administrator of the EmuWorld emulation forums.
Wow, DarkKnight is sooo sexy, i want him to be the father of my children!
by Bob March 26, 2003
A very elite aim hacker, a dark person with hacking abilitys, ties to the darkside.
I am the dark knight of hacking, I strike fear into my victims with the glare of darkness.
by Xeon August 05, 2003
When your "booty call" comes over in the middle of the night sneaks in keeping the lights off, blind folds and fucks you silly- kevin style- 'till you passout. Takes a shit on your chest and whispers in your ear "I'm your brother, I'm batman," before dissapearing into the night.
As she woke in the morning, the dreadful feeling, what happened last night, was real. After wiping the fresh fecal matter off her chest, the words, "I am batman," echoed in her ears, this was no dream, it was a dark knight.
by ArtDickyoulate February 04, 2010
A variation of the bat wing, a Dark knight is a surprise attack where one waits in a dark room streches their scrodum with one hand, while using the other hand to shine a flahlight on the scrotum for all to see.
The only thing I could see as I walked into my room was the shadow of a dark knight.
by tank the frank December 14, 2008
Dark Knight is the coolest dude alive. His insane skills both on and off the computer amaze and astound all, especially the ladies. Can frequently be found on comic message boards hitting on other men's girlfriends and underage girls from Canada.
Dark Knight, you are the man!
by DK January 11, 2004

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