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a seriously rad kid.
he's friends with everyone, even weird kids, just because he's that awesome.
Did you see Dariel talking to those nerds?
aww man he's so cool.
by jj09 June 25, 2008
An amazing person overall. He is smart, sweet, SEXY, funny, and adorable. He makes your heart beat faster than you ever thought it would. He is acute angle who loves math. He is the epitome of perfection though he doesn't know it. Still, he is quite confident. That might make him even more perfect though... :)
-You're so Dariel..
-Duh, they call me dare bear...
by Steph >.> August 09, 2012
A freakin awesome girl.
Has braces. Super gorgeous and loves boys!
She is totally nice and has so many friends.
Also loves music.
awesome dariel
by affgsfdjav August 26, 2008
dariel is simone's bestfriend
by _likesthefades November 11, 2012