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Dappy is a cartoon charactor that always ends up dead. The cartoon is called "Dappy the Lappy". Try looking for it on Google or some other search engine. Dappy always fucks up and dies in a situation that he shouldn't have been in in the first place. Pulling a Dappy means getting hurt or die during a crime, or while you are doing something you wernt sposed to.
He pulled a dappy during a bank robbery, and got himself killed.
by Dappy February 13, 2004
16 39
Dappy is one third of the group N-Dubz.
N-Dubz are from London.

He wears woollen hats.
Dappy - Na-na-na it's N-Dubz
by JetPie December 12, 2007
305 104
Used to descripe a girl who is a bit dippy but also a bit mad or eccentric. Friendly mild insult.
Emily: So I locked my housekey in my locker again..
Jas: Your so dappy!
by LastChancer October 22, 2006
95 65
Doing something stupid and/or uneccisary.
Tom: I broke my arm on my trampoline

Louie: Your so dappy!
by Morsli June 05, 2009
35 21
dappy is a term usually associated with certain types of girl. sometimes the person in question may be mad, loony, or in my own experience, a complete nutter.
that kirsten is dappy as fuck
by chaz April 15, 2004
76 62
A person that acts cool when they aren't or is unnecessarily loud in a public place.
John: you see that guy over there shouting at random people and acting like he's cool?

Steve: yeah, he's such a dappy
by deirdre barlow 69 January 24, 2013
5 3
a despicable or disgusting person
A: I raped your sister...

B: you Dappy cunt
by jnojones October 12, 2011
10 11
The splashback from a toilet when you take a shit, especially bad when it hits your asshole.
Damn that turd had some mad dappies.
by anonymous February 10, 2003
3 4